Beyond the economic frontiers of health policies

  • Summary

    The project "Beyond the economic frontiers in health policies" is considered a multidisciplinary collaboration based on methodological innovations and practical applications, mainly from the Health Economics connected to Epidemiology, Public Health and Health Management. It highlights the human capital of a group of 40 researchers from 10 research centers, mainly universities, with a joint track record of high impact publications and competitively funded projects justifying the ambition of the proposal presented.

  • Objectives

    The specific objectives proposed are mainly based on questions of great relevance for the design and the analysis of health policies. It should be highlighted that technical skills are shared for the design and implementation of microeconomic modelling and the analysis of results. There is also a common strategy to exploit economies of scale and network when sharing databases and relevant bibliography, as well as for the organized dissemination of results and proposals to the scientific community, professionals, industry, regulators and citizens. The expected results include the disclosure of variables that might improve future predictions in health care, long-term care and social costs, the formulation of sustainable dependency financing frameworks; the study of equity in access to health care and social service, the analysis of behavioural patterns related to unhealthty habits, the evaluation of programs carried out with the aim of improving these behaviours, the development of useful tools for the health decision makers, the generation of a solid knowledge about consultation with private entities by the National Health System for the decision making, and the evaluation of the foreseeable consequences of a hypothetical change of "model" of public-private partnerships in Spanish health care system.


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