Title: Public-Private Liaison in Health

Abstract: The third subproject, "Public-Private Liaison in Health", seeks to clarify under what conditions the contracting and indirect management of health care services preserves the guarantees of social welfare and minimizes uncertainty about the future of the National Health System. It also deepens the knowledge of the demand and supply of health services by private providers.

The specific objectives pursued are:

  • S3-O1. Conceptualize and review international experiences of public-private collaboration schemes in healthcare.
  • S3-O2. Formulate well-founded proposals for contract designs between public administrations and private health organizations for Spain.
  • S3-O3. Analyze the demand for private health insurance and the use of private healthcare in Spain.
  • S3-O4. To estimate empirically the efficiency and quality of public and private health centers in Spain 2005-2015 according to the management model.
  • S3-O5. Analyze the incentives for public-private collaboration in the health sector from the perspective of the business expectations of the private sector.


Research team:

  • Beatriz Gonzalez Lopez-Valcarcel (IP)
  • Vicente Ortún Rubio
  • Inmaculada Aguiar Diaz
  • Patricia Barber Pérez
  • Jaime Pinilla Domínguez
  • Alejandro Rodriguez Caro
  • Santiago Rodriguez Feijoó
  • M Victoria Ruiz Mallorquí
  • Yolanda Santana Jiménez
  • Laura Vallejo Torres

Equip of collaborators:

  • Enrique Bernal
  • Micaela Comendeiro
  • Marina Elistratova
  • Sophie Gorgemans
  • Felix Lobo
  • Ricard Meneu
  • José Ramón Repullo
  • Silvia Rodriguez Mireles



  • Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
  • Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
  • Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.
  • Instituto Aragonés de Ciencias de la salud.
  • Centro superior de investigación en Salud Pública de la Comunitat Valenciana.
  • Universidad de Zaragoza.


Summary and Objectives


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Subproject 2

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