Title: Unhealthy Lifestyles: Tools for Health Policy Analysis

Abstract: The second subproject - "Unhealthy Lifestyles: Tools for Health Policy Analysis" aims to improve existing knowledge about individual behaviour related to certain unhealthy habits. These behaviours are conditioned by the social environment and the multidimensional results caused by health problems. In particular, we will generate empirical evidence related to the consumption of tobacco, alcohol, drugs and eating habits.

The specific objectives pursued are:

  • S2-O1. Carry out an economic evaluation of programs or interventions to reduce passive smoking by measuring direct health costs for the National Health System.
  • S2-O2. To identify the determinants in the health of adolescent alcohol consumers in Spain through microeconometric models taking into account the causality and social interactions between them.
  • S2-O3. Conduct an economic evaluation of a program to reduce alcohol consumption, assessing whether there has been a return on investment of public money in terms of health.
  • S2-O4. Quantify the economic burden of people who consume heroin in Catalonia taking into account direct health costs.
  • S2-O5. Evaluate the efficiency, in terms of costs and effectiveness, of a new treatment of heroin consumption assisted in Catalonia in the street centers of drug addicts.
  • S2-O6. Design and conduct a qualitative analysis of the nutritional practices of the elderly in nursing homes.
  • S2-O7. Evaluate, from the point of view of efficiency, a program or an intervention that corrects malnutrition in nursing homes and, as a consequence, reduces the consumption of health resources of this population.
  • S2-O8. Knowing the effectiveness of the sugar-sweetened beverage tax rate, approved in Catalonia in May 2017, based on sales data.



  • Antoni Josep Mora Corral (IP)
  • Marta Trapero Bertrán
  • Ángle López-Nicolás
  • Ana Magdalena Vargas
  • Joan Ramón Villalbí
  • David Roche
  • Jaume Puig-Junoy



  • Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
  • Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena


Summary and Objectives


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